For Medicare patients, you can rest easy knowing that you have coverage to help pay for any COVID-related costs. On this page you'll find answers to commonly asked questions and additional resources to help you get the care you need.

What's Covered?

Between Medicare and your Medicare supplement insurance policy, your expenses related to coronavirus testing and treatment are covered.

Medicare covers:

A lab test to determine whether you have coronavirus when ordered by a doctor or health care provider. There’s no cost to you.

All medically necessary hospitalizations, including staying in the hospital under quarantine.

Virtual check-ins so you can connect with your doctor by phone or video so you can remain at home and avoid exposure to others.

Specific telehealth services have temporarily expanded to include evaluation and management visits, mental health counseling and preventive health screenings and are available to you wherever you live.

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What Medicare Supplement Policies Cover

Your Medicare supplement insurance policy covers many of the out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare. Based on your policy, you may pay your usual deductibles, copayments and/or coinsurance.

If you decide to travel within the U.S., you can rest easy knowing your policy covers medical expenses incurred within the country. Some Medicare supplement policies also cover emergency care for foreign travel. See your policy for details.

Will My Doctor Or Hospital Cover COVID-19 Treatment?

Yes. And while it’s natural to want to stay at home to avoid contact, we encourage you to seek medical advice if you’re not feeling well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges you to stay in touch with your doctor to manage any ongoing health conditions and to seek emergency medical care, when needed. They also stress the importance of continuing to take all medications as prescribed.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

What About Telehealth?

You may be hearing more about telehealth appointments, which are virtual video appointments with your doctor. Many doctor offices offer this alternative to in-person visits. Check with your doctor's office if you're interested.

If you do take advantage of telehealth, know that Medicare has temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services for things such as evaluation and management visits, mental health counseling and preventive health screens.

To learn more about telehealth, including Medicare's temporary expansion, please visit the sites below.

Coping With Stress

Did you know Medicare has temporarily expanded its telehealth offerings to cover mental health counseling and depression? This means that you have greater access to care during this time of increased stress.

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Mutual of Omaha has been helping people navigate through tough times since Medicare began. Explore our additional Medicare resources.

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Learn more about COVID-19 from the CDC

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