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Cancer Insurance: Pros and Cons

Cancer is a terrible disease. Although there unfortunately isn’t a cure, there are more cancer survivors each year due to medical advancements. While you can never really be ready for a cancer diagnosis, there are ways to help you be financially prepared in the event of a diagnosis. The specialists, doctors, treatments and hospital visits […]

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Is a Cancer Insurance Policy Worth It?

Cancer. Almost everyone has someone in their life who has been affected by this terrible disease: friends, family members, co-workers, or you might have even faced cancer yourself. That’s because the odds of getting cancer in your lifetime are 1 in 2 for males and 1 in 3 for females.1 If you’ve experienced cancer diagnosis […]

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How to Stay Healthy at Every Age: 50+

You’ve seen the idea of “healthy” change through the years. In fact, in many ways, your generation has helped shape and transform the definition. The Health + Wellness 2017 study reports on how even now different generations think of health and wellness in unique ways. For Boomers, being healthy generally means “having the energy for […]

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5 Exercises for Seniors

Whether you’re looking for yourself or an aging parent, try to maintain health fitness habits no matter your age. Exercise is an important part of maintaining your physical health, and the need to do it doesn’t change as you get older. In fact, it may be even more important as you do. Continuing or starting […]

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Memory Games for Adults

If you thought memory games were just a fun activity to do with your grandkids, think again! Memory games have become increasingly popular for adults, and rightfully so. Memory games don’t necessarily increase your memory, but they can help maintain the cognitive abilities of an aging brain. Cognitive abilities impact things like your ability to […]

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