The value of critical illness insurance

An unexpected critical illness often comes without warning and may have lasting effects on employees and their families — both physically and financially.

Our critical illness insurance* policy can help provide employees with the extra financial security they need to lessen the financial impact associated with the treatment and recovery of a critical illness.

How critical illness insurance works

Our critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum cash benefit upon the diagnosis of a critical illness, as defined by the policy. Employees have the flexibility to use the cash benefit as they see fit, including payment for:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Home or car alternations/modifications
  • Mortgage/ rent or child/adult care
  • Daily living expenses

Designed with employers and employees in mind

Employer Benefits
  • Available with voluntary, non-contributory and contributory options
  • Flexible plan designs
  • Complements a high-deductible health plan or disability plan
  • Can be packaged with other group insurance products on one bill
Employee Benefits
  • Easy to understand benefits
  • Pays lump-sum cash benefit directly to the insured upon diagnosis
  • Covers the most common critical illnesses
  • Access to skilled clinicians and nurses through a health advocacy service
  • Coverage is fully portable
Optional Features and Services**
  • Additional category occurrence benefit
  • Recurrence benefit
  • Child benefit category, covering birth defects, Type I diabetes and more
  • Health screening benefit
  • Coverage options for spouse and/or child(ren)

How critical illness insurance can help: Denise’s story

Denise was a happily married mother of two when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and breast reconstruction, and now serves as an advocate for other women suffering from the disease. But during the recovery process, her family’s budget was stretched by out-of-pocket costs and other expenses not covered by insurance.

I thought I was invincible …

I was 41 years old and happily married with two children. I enjoyed my job and made my health a priority by working out, eating right and getting annual mammograms. But my happy world turned upside down when I found a lump in my breast. I immediately called my doctor, and after some preliminary tests, he confirmed the worst: I had breast cancer. My diagnosis led to lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries – and then several months of chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate the cancer that spread to my lymph nodes. Fortunately, my treatments were successful, and my health insurance plan paid for most of the medical bills. But my family’s budget was stretched by the deductibles and out‐of‐pocket costs not covered by insurance. We also had additional expenses for my wigs, scarves and new clothing I needed since I had limited use of my arms after the surgeries and breast reconstruction. My story has a happy ending. I now serve as an advocate for other women suffering from breast cancer. I’ve been an American Cancer Society Reach for Recovery volunteer since 2007 and my “Breast Friends” support group created a website to tell our stories, provide resources and share tips for those dealing with breast cancer. My advice is simple: If you are faced with a critical illness, let people help you and do what you can to help yourself. Purchase Critical Illness insurance and set aside money in a flexible spending account because you never know what’s going to happen. No one is invincible.

Included with your critical illness plan

Advocacy Services**

Personalized assistance from skilled clinicians and nurses.

Learn More about Advocacy Services

Enrollment Made Easy

We provide a streamlined strategy to educate employees and keep the cost of enrollment low. We will work with you to help consult, plan and execute enrollment.
We provide:

  • Pre-enrollment strategy and planning meeting
  • Pre-enrollment communication materials (postcards, emails, videos)
  • Personalized enrollment forms and simple needs-based benefit communications
  • On-site group meetings
  • Professional enrollment representatives (bilingual)
  • Partnership with trusted third-party enrollment resources that specialize in group benefits

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Our value added services are designed to help employers manage productivity, while helping employees manage life challenges so they continue to stay productive at work.

Employee Assistance Program**

Support for personal and workplace issues.

AbsencePro (FMLA)**

Manage FMLA- and ADA-related leaves of absence.

Hearing Discount Program

Hearing aid and hearing screening services.

Travel Assistance**

Travel and identity theft solution.

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