Hearing aids and screening services

Most people associate hearing loss with advanced age. However, people of all ages can be affected by hearing loss caused by factors such as excessive noise, ear infections and even certain antibiotics used to treat other illnesses.

Many health insurance policies don't cover the cost of hearing loss, and if they do, they may only pay for the hearing exam.

How it Works

We partner with Amplifon Hearing Health Care to provide hearing aid benefits and discounted hearing screening services for employees.

The national network of hearing care professionals and clinics is dedicated to helping employees hear better with custom hearing solutions from leading manufacturers and negotiated low prices.

Services are available to any employer who offers one of our core insurance products.

The Details

Service Features

  • Low price guarantee on hearing aids
  • Discount on hearing testing and diagnostics
  • Risk-free 60-day trial period on hearing aids with money-back guarantee
  • One-year free follow-up care
  • Three-year warranty on hearing aids
  • Two year supply of free hearing aid batteries
  • Assistance locating a provider
  • No enrollment fees

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