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Understanding Your Medicare Costs

Did you know that Original Medicare was only designed to pay 80% of your medical costs? While many seniors have been paying toward Medicare their entire life, they’re surprised to find that their out-of-pocket Medicare costs are more than expected. Make sure you understand what health care expenses you may be responsible for paying when […]

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Breaking Down the Different Medicare Parts

Medicare is how you will receive health care coverage in your later years. To cover Medicare costs, your entire working life you’ve been contributing a part of your paycheck to Medicare. But did you know that you must enroll in Medicare at age 65 if you receive Social Security benefits, and if you do not […]

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Who Is Eligible For Medicare?

Eligibility is a word you’ve probably heard many times. Perhaps your child was eligible for financial aid, which helped them attend college. Or maybe you’re eligible for discount as your local store thanks to a great rewards program. Or it could just be that you’re eligible to give blood and help save a life. Whatever […]

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