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20 Senior Discounts that Prove Retirement May be a Great Time to Travel

Doesn’t it feel great to save money? Seniors have an advantage because a variety of businesses and services offer senior discounts. When planning travel, retirees can save on everything from airline tickets to destination cruises and more. Every small discount can add up to help make travel fit in your retirement budget. Read through these […]

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3 Ideal Vacations for Seniors

Traveling only gets better with age. Without the pressures of scheduling time off work or working around kids’ school schedules, vacations can be what they’re meant to be: relaxing. Here are some of our favorite vacation picks for seniors. Top Vacations for Seniors Cruise the Open Sea Whether it’s sailing across oceans to different countries […]

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Last Minute Travel Tips

When was the last time you took a trip? If you’re a planner, living on a fixed income, you may always choose your trip details well in advance. These days, with so many apps and websites offering hotel, flight, and destination discounts, it’s highly likely you’ll stumble upon a last-minute trip opportunity that you won’t […]

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How to Fit Travel into Your Retirement Budget

Making travel work on a fixed income can be a challenge. But it is possible! Maybe you’d like to follow your grandchild’s regional soccer tournament. You are, after all, their favorite cheerleader! Or perhaps you want to visit a friend who lives across the country. Learn how to properly plan for travel during retirement with […]

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Romantic Getaways: Save vs. Splurge

It’s never too late to create new memories! And a getaway, even for a few days, can be tons of fun – especially with your significant other. Traveling is a great way to bond, relax and try things you normally wouldn’t. While splurging on a dream vacation every now and then might make sense, there […]

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