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Who Can Be Your Life Insurance Beneficiary?

So, you’ve decided to buy a life insurance policy and need a designated beneficiary. Choosing someone to receive the benefit from your policy is an important part of the process. The money from a life insurance policy can help out your designated loved one, and can be used to support them financially in the event of your death. With a named beneficiary, the policy can provide financial support quickly. Without one, the funds will be added to your estate which […]

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How Does Term Life Insurance Work

What is Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that helps protect you for a period of time or a term. Terms typically last anywhere from 5 to 30 years but can last longer in some cases. The length of your term is up to you, so you can get life insurance […]

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Filing a Claim: How to Receive Your Benefits in the Event of a Loved One’s Death

Filing a death claim in the event of your loved ones death is something no one wants to do. But it’s important to know how to do it. It can be simple if you have the information and documents you need. And knowing which details to have ready can save you from frustrating delays. How […]

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Is Life Insurance Tax Deductible?

No, in most cases life insurance is not tax deductible. Unlike health insurance payments, your premium for a life insurance policy is viewed as a personal expense. Personal expenses are typically things like groceries, rent and entertainment, which can’t be subtracted from your yearly income. This is true even if you pay for your spouse’s […]

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Planning for the Future: Life Insurance for Children

Nothing is more important than family. As a parent or grandparent, you want to take care of your loved ones in any situation. Life insurance for children is one tool that can help with that. It offers some peace of mind for you, a safety net for your loved ones, and can be a building […]

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