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Estate Planning 101: Do You Know Where to Start?

If you see the words “estate planning” and think it doesn’t apply to you, consider this: estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. If you own a house, a car, furniture, investments, insurance policies or all of those things, that’s your estate! Estate planning simply means you’re providing direction about what should happen. Whether modest […]

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Why It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for College

Saving is a huge part of planning for college. More families are saving for college in 2016 than in the prior three years.¹ The payoff for getting a head start is big: Parents who plan ahead may have the means to spend more on college, while borrowing much less. This is critically important because the […]

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Quick Fixes for 10 Big Budget-Blowing Mistakes

If you’ve been struggling to find leaks in your budget, look at these top money mistakes … and learn ways to avoid or fix them. 1. Estimating Income and Expenses Instead of Tracking Them To make a realistic budget, you need to know exactly how much money you have coming in and going out every […]

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Building a Blueprint for Wealth

Successful corporations wouldn’t dream of operating without a financial budget. For a business, however, a budget is much more than a way to control spending. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) use them as a financial tool for building, growing and maintaining profits. You are your family’s CFO, in charge of maximizing cash flow and creating a […]

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College Countdown: 14 Ways to Pay Tuition Bills

You’ve been saving and investing steadily for your child’s education over the years, and now your child is entering the final stretch before beginning his or her college journey. Now you’ll want to consider your options as you prepare to pay those upcoming tuition bills. What’s the best way to draw on your accounts? Are […]

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