• Your periodic payments will be made to the named beneficiary. You may designate a beneficary as provided by the terms of your contract. If you do not designate a beneficiary, any remaining payments will be paid to your estate.
  • Not if your case is a result of a personal physical injury (including wrongful death) or workers’ compensation claim. Internal Revenue Code Section 104 (a)(1) and 104 (a)(2) provide that the full amount of structured settlement payments related to workers’ compensation and personal physical injury claims is income tax free. The information contained herein is not intended to serve as or be a substitute for tax or legal advice. Consult with your legal or tax professional before taking any action.
  • Structured settlements are safe and secure. Insurance laws require each life insurance company to establish reserves for every policy issued. The life insurance industry is heavily regulated and overseen by each state's Insurance Commissioner helping to ensure the safety of each policy.
  • Payments will be made exactly as specified in the contract. Payment dates and amounts may not be accelerated, deferred, increased or decreased.
  • Periodic payment checks are mailed to reach you on the day the check is due. If your check is due on the 1st of each month, we mail it to reach you on the 1st. However, if your check is due on the 15th of every month, we mail it to reach you on the 15th. Occasionally the postal service may experience delivery delays due to high volumes, weather, or other issues beyond our control. If you have not received your check five (5) business days after the due date, please contact us.

    If you have recently moved, please remember to note your address change with us. The postal service can forward your check, but there will be a delay. You can eliminate that delay by updating your address information so that we can send the payment directly to your new address.

  • Yes. We offer the option to receive your payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly to your bank account. This is a free service. You can sign up by returning a completed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement . Please note that our EFT option is not available for financial institutions located outside of the U.S. or in U.S. territories. In those instances, we can mail a paper check directly to your financial institution.
  • Banks post deposits to accounts at various times during the day. If your payment does not appear in your account by the first business day following the payment date, please contact us.
  • If your payment date falls on a holiday or a weekend, your payment is deposited to your account on the previous business day.
  • Please return a new completed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement.
  • You may request a change of beneficiary as allowed under the terms of the settlement agreement. All beneficiary change requests must be approved by the owner of the contract and approval is subject to the terms of the settlement agreement. You may request a change by returning a completed Beneficiary Designation Form.
  • We will work quickly to verify and administer any death benefits that may be payable. To expedite this process, please provide us with a copy of death certificate if available.

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