Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs® for Non-Profit Organizations

A risk management tool for charitable gift annuities

Our group annuity product for non-profit organizations can help charities become more efficient, cost effective and prosperous, and further their fund-raising activities in dynamic new ways.

Our values, traditions and long-standing charitable pursuits help make us compatible with charities and foundations. We’re philanthropists, too – our charitable giving spans more than 90 years.

How our Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs work

Benefits for Charities

  • Release of gift annuity reserves frees up a portion of your reserves* – funds that can be used now for immediate expenses, new investment opportunities, or expanded fund-raising programs
  • Transfer of mortality and investment risk shifts the mortality, investment and inflation risks to United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
  • Financial strength from a name you can trust
  • Minimize administrative burden with our proven processes, system supports and dedicated staff
  • Purchase annuities for only the gifts you choose
  • Lowers your premium rates by retaining more of the donor's gift with group rate assumptions

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