Our Solutions for Group Annuities

Pension Guard®

Allows plan sponsors to terminate defined benefit plan liabilities but still provide an important employee benefit, all while reducing cost and administrative tasks.

Retirement Annuity Solutions®

This product can provide monthly income payments for participants leaving a retirement plan or defined benefit plan.

Corporate Annuity Solutions®

Secures non-qualified benefits for, and can help retain, key employees.

Solutions for Gift Annuity Programs®

A risk-management tool to help charities become more efficient, cost-effective, prosperous and further their fund-raising activities.

IRAdvantage Plus®

For rollovers from tax-qualified retirement plans, or existing traditional IRAs, this series of products can help employees continue deferring taxes on their retirement savings.

Structured Settlements

Used in the resolution of a personal physical injury claim, this product provides claimants with guaranteed, ongoing payments for a specified period of time.

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