Corporate Annuity Solutions® for Plan Sponsors

The value of Corporate Annuity Solutions

Corporate Annuity Solutions is a fixed annuity product that gives plan sponsors a means to secure benefit payments under their non-qualified deferred compensation plans, corporate buy-outs and supplemental early retirement plans without the added hassle and expense of plan administration.

How Corporate Annuity Solutions works

Plan Sponsor Benefits

  • Secures benefits payable to key executives
  • Helps attract and retain key personnel
  • Transfers investment and mortality risk to the insurer
  • Flexible underwriting and payout options

Participants Benefits

  • Secured annuity benefit payments can provide income for the annuitant’s lifetime, or a specified period of time
  • Annuitants may receive benefits immediately or defer payments until a later date, based on the eligibility requirements and terms of the plan
  • Several annuity payment options are available to meet individual circumstances and goals, including, but not limited to, the following as permitted by the plan
    • Pre-retirement death benefit
    • Lump sum cash option
    • Return of premium income protective features
    • Annual cost of living adjustments to help fight inflation

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