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Mutual Income Solutions Product Details
Issue Ages
18 to 61 years old
Maximum Monthly Benefit
The monthly amount you receive if you become sick or injured.
$300 to $20,000 per month (in $100 increments)
Benefit Period
The length of time you receive benefit payments after a disability occurs.
6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or to ages 65, 67 or 70
Elimination Period
The elimination period (number of calendar days) before policy benefits are payable to you.
30, 60, 90, 180, 365 or 730 days
Note: options may vary by state and/or age

Built-in Policy Benefits

A Mutual Income Solutions policy includes several built-in benefits where you’ll receive a monthly benefit after your elimination period if you’re sick or injured and not gainfully employed in another occupation. Here are the disability benefits that are part of a Mutual Income Solutions policy:
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Survivor Benefit

Your beneficiary will receive a one-time payment of three times your monthly benefit amount if you pass away while you’re receiving your benefits.


Transplant Donor Benefits

You’ll receive full benefits if you’re disabled during surgery while donating an organ or tissue.

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Recurrent Disability

Your elimination period is waived if you suffer a new disability within 30 days or a recurring disability in six months.

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Rehabilitation Benefit

You’ll receive vocational rehabilitation services limitations may apply at no cost while you’re receiving disability benefits.

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Waiver of Premium

Your premium for your policy and the optional benefits you select are waived after the elimination period or 90 days, whichever is shorter, is satisfied.

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Military Suspension

Your coverage may be suspended if you’re called to active duty.

Calendar Month

Presumptive Total Disability

You’ll receive full benefits for the length of your benefit period if you are considered to be totally and permanently disabled without any chance of recovering to work in your previous profession.

Customize Your Coverage
Everyone has different financial needs. A disability income insurance policy can be customized to provide you the coverage to help replace a portion of your income if you become sick or injured and are unable to work.
The type of policy you select is a key factor to your premium payment amount. Here are your two options:
  • Non-cancelable

    Your premiums are locked in and your coverage is guaranteed for the duration of the benefit period you select, as long as you pay your premiums on time or within the grace period

  • Guaranteed renewable

    Your coverage is guaranteed as long as you pay your premiums on time or within the grace period. Your rates could be increased only if the change affects an entire class of policyholders

No Cost Optional Benefits

Increase your monthly benefits by selecting one or both of these options:

  • Automatic Increase Benefit (AIB)

    Automatically increases your monthly benefit by 4% each year.

  • Future Insurability Option (FIO)

    Increases your monthly benefit every three years after you buy the policy.

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Additional Optional Benefits

Customize your policy with optional benefits to enhance or extend your benefits. There is an added cost for the following optional benefits.

Extended Regular* Occupation

Extends your current occupation coverage for the length of the benefit period

True Regular* Occupation

Extends your current occupation coverage for the length of the benefit period and allows you to receive full monthly benefits if you are unable to work in your occupation and currently working in a different occupation

Residual Disability

Pays a percentage of your total monthly benefit if you’re partially disabled. Enhanced Residual Disability is also available to additionally provide a recovery benefit if you’re still experiencing a loss of income after you return to work full time.

Return of Premium

Returns a portion (50 or 80%) of the premiums paid less claims paid every 10 years, up to $12,000 total maximum monthly benefit. This benefit is not allowed if AIB and/or FIO is selected.

Cash Value Benefit

Provides a percentage (15% in year six to 100% in year 25) of all premiums paid for the policy and riders, minus any benefits in claims, up to $12,000 total maximum monthly benefit. This benefit is not allowed if AIB and/or FIO is selected.

Mental or Nervous and Substance Abuse Extension

Extends your mental or nervous disorders and substance abuse coverage for the length of the benefit period

Catastrophic Disability Benefit

Pays an additional benefit amount if you have a catastrophic disability and you’re unable to perform at least two activities of daily living without substantial assistance from another person or require substantial supervision due to severe cognitive impairment

Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Increases your benefit annually when you receive benefits

Social Insurance Supplement

Lowers the premium since the benefit you receive is the amount of monthly income you purchase, less any benefits provided by Social Security.

*In California, Usual.
Note: options may vary by state and/or age

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Extra Value with Discounts

Getting the most value for your money is important to you. Here are the following ways you can receive a discount on your monthly premiums when you purchase a Mutual Income Solutions policy. Earn up to a maximum 30% in premium discounts.
Common employer

15% discount available to groups of three or more people working for the same employer


15% discount available to individuals with a minimum of two years self-employment

Association member

15% discount for members of an approved organization

Two-person household

Receive a 10% discount when both you and your partner are issued a Mutual Income Solutions policy


Receive a 10% discount if you’re issued an individual disability policy within 90 days of being issued an eligible fully underwritten life insurance or a long-term care insurance policy.

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