Priority Income Protection®

Priority Income Protection® Insurance Policy

Offers easy-to-understand, affordable coverage that doesn't require a medical exam.

For people who. . .

  • Want simple, affordable coverage without rider options
  • Prefer a short application
  • Are looking for maximum monthly benefit of $4,000

Disability Income Choice Portfolio®

Accident Only Disability Income Insurance Policy

Designed to provide coverage in the case if injury only.

For people who. . .

  • Aren't concerned about coverage due to illness
  • Prefer lower-cost disability insurance coverage
  • Favor shorter elimination and benefit periods

Short-Term Disability Income Insurance Policy

Provides expedient coverage for up to 24 months.

For people who. . .

  • Want immediate coverage from the first day of disability
  • Need coverage until employer-provided disability insurance begins to pay
  • Desire portable protection

Long-Term Disability Income Insurance Policy

Features comprehensive coverage benefits and optional riders.

For people who. . .

  • Have resources that could cover living expenses for the first few months of a disability
  • Prefer more rider options so they can tailor their coverage
  • Are looking for higher monthly benefit amounts

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