How Can I Avoid Expensive Medicare Surprises

It is important to understand your Medicare options because you can help reduce unanticipated expenses with careful planning.


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As your 65th birthday approaches, so does your Open Enrollment Period for Medicare.

But you might not be aware of exactly what Medicare covers and what you could end up paying out-of-pocket.

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For example, traditional Medicare doesn't cover extended long-term care. It doesn't cover outpatient prescription drugs. And it doesn't cover dental care, hearing aids or vision services. In addition, with traditional Medicare, you're also on the hook for co-pays, deductibles, and 20% of most doctor's bills.

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However, there are ways to help cover those costs. By adding supplemental insurance to traditional Medicare or choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, you can build a care program that fits your needs and budget.

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Talk with a Mutual of Omaha Advisor to help navigate your Medicare options and enrollment deadlines worry-free.

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