3 Ideal Vacations for Seniors

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Traveling only gets better with age. Without the pressures of scheduling time off work or working around kids’ school schedules, vacations can be what they’re meant to be: relaxing. Here are some of our favorite vacation picks for seniors.

Top Vacations for Seniors

Cruise the Open Sea
Whether it’s sailing across oceans to different countries or a long weekend trip, a cruise can make the perfect vacation. Cruises have several different payment options and fit many budgets. That’s not the only reason they’re so popular. Here are a few more.

  • Since you typically pay for everything up front, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs as you travel.
  • You can relax knowing the cruise line experts coordinated activities for you to enjoy. There will likely be a variety of games, groups, exercise classes, and recreational activities to choose from.
  • When you take a cruise, the travel itinerary is set. That means you’ll know where you’re going, so any research about what to see and do off the boat is much simpler. The cruise line will even provide suggestions for what to do on land.
  • On most cruises, your meals are provided and paid for in advance. Often, cruises hire top-rated chefs and food service professionals, so you might want to bring your elastic pants.

The Bucket List Trip
Retirement is the perfect time to start crossing off destinations that have been sitting on your bucket list for years.

Larger trips require more planning and savings. So how can you satisfy your travel itch and check off bucket-list items? It’s simple: Look at what’s nearby! Kilimanjaro may be a must-see, but your state’s foothills may be pretty spectacular, too. Try visiting local destinations first while you save for your dream destination.

Here are a few more bucket-list trip tips:

  • Travel in the off-season. October through April is generally when you can find lower airline prices to European destinations. Hotels often have lower rates during these times, too!
  • Ditch the hotel room for a bed-and-breakfast. A bed-and-breakfast can offer many advantages, starting with the price! They also allow you to experience the culture of the location you are visiting.
  • Make the most of public transportation. Day passes for public transport are almost always cheaper than the cost of a rental car. Many airports have routes directly from the airport to the city center making transportation easier from the moment you arrive.

Want more help to get you started on your bucket list? Here are some tips to plan your dream road trip.

Educational Excursion
It’s important to continue challenging yourself on an intellectual level in retirement. A fun way to do this is to make every trip a learning experience. Whether you become a tourist in your own town or in a new city, educational vacations allow you to expand your horizons.

Learning about different cultures can provide your brain with the mental stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Any vacation can be made educational, but consider these two cities for U.S. destinations packed with learning opportunities:

  • Washington, D.C. – From the Smithsonian to the National Mall to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, our nation’s capital is full of great, educational attractions. Many of the museums are free to visit, making this option more economical than you may think!
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico – Before it was formally a U.S. state, Native Americans and Spanish conquistadors inhabited New Mexico, enriching Santa Fe with an eclectic culture. Wander through the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum or the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, tour historic Native American Pueblos, or visit a variety of historic parks and national monuments within the area.

For a foreign educational vacation, scan a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. These locations are conserved as areas or structures of international importance. From scenic parks to ancient ruins, there is plenty to learn by visiting any of these locations.

Planning for your perfect vacation  

Before hopping on a plane to somewhere sunny and warm, be sure to take note of your budget and your health.

Vacation budgeting
Much of the fun can be found in the planning. And that includes looking into how to make travel fit your retirement budget. There are lots of ways to make travel work for you. Here are 5 more tips to get you started.

Your health
Another factor to consider when planning your getaway is the state of your health. Visit your doctor so they can help you with setting the proper limits you may need to travel safely. Make sure you’re stocked up on any prescription medications you may need so you don’t have to spend time hunting for a pharmacy on your trip.1

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life, now it’s time to enjoy your perfect vacations!

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