School’s Out – Try These Summer Activities for Kids!

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With kids out of school for summer break, take advantage of the warm weather and their free time. Encourage your kids or grandkids to get moving and enjoy the warm weather! Here are some fun activities that can help everyone stay active and mentally sharp during summer break.

Play in the Rain
Summer fun can happen outside – rain or shine! In fact, being a little wet outside doesn’t mean you’re limited to spending the day inside. Look at a rain shower as a fun opportunity to put on rain boots and play outside in a different way. From catching rain drops on your tongue to seeing who can make the biggest splashes, playing in or just after a rain can be some of the most fun your family will have all summer. Just remember – no lightning!

There’s nothing quite like seeing the wonder of what the night sky above us holds. On a clear night, grab a blanket, lie down with the kids and get ready to become amateur astrologists. Make it a fun learning experience for everyone by trying to find notable constellations. Check some out here:

Consider driving somewhere outside city limits if you’re a resident of a large city and your view is obstructed by light pollution.

Swim or Splash
No matter where you live, the summer heat can certainly wear you down. If you’re looking for a fun way to cool down – just add water! Try to accompany your children to your local community pool, lake, river or nearby ocean. If those destinations aren’t available to you, a sprinkler in the driveway or yard is always a hit. Race through the water or play a game of splash tag! Playing in the water can be great exercise for kids and adults alike!

Reminders: Don’t spoil the fun by forgetting the sun! Apply sunblock every 30 minutes, and if you visit a swimming pool, lake or ocean, be sure to keep a close eye if a lifeguard isn’t on duty.

Brain Building with Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles are a perfect way to build memories while building kids’ brains. There are many ways in which solving a jigsaw puzzle makes for excellent brain training for adults and children. Searching for the right pieces requires your brain to memorize what the different pieces look like or how they should look in order to complete the picture. Although truthfully, the memories you make working with your kids to solve the puzzle will be reward enough.

Catch Fireflies
Arguably, one of the best things about summer is the emergence of fireflies (or maybe you call them lightning bugs)! As the sun sets on a long summer day, the flickering lights of these beautiful insects begin to appear. Next time you’re able to see them, encourage the kids to go outside and catch a few fireflies in their hands. Create your own light show by collecting a few in a glass jar with a thin cloth to cover the top. Just be sure to release the bugs at the end of the night!

Berry and Flower Picking
In the mood for fresh berries? Why not take it a step further than venturing out to your local farmer’s market, and take the family berry picking? Pick a day and travel to your nearest pick-your-own berry farm. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a bucket for collecting your fruit and then it’s off to the races to see who can collect the most. This simple yet cute adventure is one your family is sure to love.

No berry farms nearby? Try sending the kids on a wildflower picking adventure! See how many different colors or species they can collect. As an added bonus, you can put their collections in a vase and enjoy fresh flowers in your home for a day or two!

Water Balloon “Fight”
Who knew water filled balloons could be the key to a perfect summer day? Take the classic water balloon fight a little further by creating games along the way. From setting up target practice to hiding the balloons around the yard to seeing who can toss a water balloon the farthest without popping it, the simplicity of this activity can make one of the best days of the summer.

While staying active in the summer is beneficial for all ages, it’s important to stay safe during these hot months. Some important tips to keep in mind while enjoying outside activities are to keep hydrated, practice healthy skin habits, and take frequent breaks in the shade. Remember, it’s usually hottest between noon and 3 p.m., so try to plan activities accordingly. Have fun trying out these easy adventures and have a happy, healthy summer!

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