How to Bounce Back From a Retirement Savings Setback

Stay confident knowing that you may be able to get your retirement savings back on track with these six reliable strategies.



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When it comes to saving for retirement setbacks can happen. Market swings and economic slowdowns can leave you unsure of where you stand.

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Fortunately there are strategies to help your portfolio and confidence bounce back.

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Start by assessing your response to market volatility.

If you're losing sleep, it may be time to switch to a more conservative strategy.

But resist the temptation to press pause. By sitting out the worst days of the market, you could just as easily miss the best.

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One approach is to regularly check your portfolio's performance and tweak its asset allocation in response.

And don't forget your emergency fund.

This dedicated account can help you weather a downturn without dipping into your long-term savings.

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Talk with a Mutual of Omaha Advisor to help put your retirement plans back on track.

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You may not be as off-course as you think.