How to Find a Financial Advisor That’s Right for You

Financial advisor Chris Casey explains Mutual of Omaha’s investment philosophy: Listen to the customer, help set goals, and create an individualized plan to reach those goals.


Chris Casey: You do want to start early with your own personal financial plan. The earlier the better, but today's the best day to start.

It feels amazing to be the financial quarterback for families’ lives.

First of all you have to have the philosophy of protecting first and at Mutual of Omaha we do a really good job of securing that foundation and that protection piece of it before we have those other conversations about the grow and distribute side of things.

We focus on our customers. For each household we come up with an individualized plan. At Mutual of Omaha, success for our clients is peace of mind. Knowing that we've put together a plan, we've put the plan in place, and the plan is going to put them on a path for success.

As we're monitoring somebody's financial journey, what we try to do is educate our clients on the options that they have and help them make decisions, and most importantly take action on the goals that they have.

For me, bringing financial peace for my client, walking side by side with them knowing that they have a partner to help them make financial decisions, feels so good.