Dental Savings Plan

How our dental savings plan works

Get affordable dental care whenever you visit the dentist. As a savings plan member, simply present your membership card at a participating dentist to get discounts on your dental care. You'll save 5% to 60% on most dental procedures.

The plan also offers savings on vision care, eyewear and hearing care services. Use your card at participating providers for immediate savings.

How much you can save on dental care

With the dental savings plan, you can save 5% to 60% on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings and major work such as dentures, root canals and crowns. To learn what discounts your participating provider offers, call 877-493-8251.

Sample dental savings

Services Regular cost* Plan cost** $ Savings % Savings
Adult cleaning $140 $63 $77 55%
Child cleaning $99 $47 $52 53%
Routine checkup $85 $33 $52 61%
Extensive oral exam $149 $56 $93 62%
Four bitewing x-rays $94 $43 $51 54%
Composite (white) filling $220 $103 $117 53%
Crown (porcelain fused to noble metal) $1,557 $802 $755 48%
Complete upper denture $2,273 $1,082 $1,191 52%
Molar root canal $1,535 $755 $780 51%
Extraction (single tooth) $282 $113 $169 60%

*Regular cost is based on the average 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2021 FAIR Health Report in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago & NYC metropolitan areas.

**These fees represent the average of the assigned DN15 fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago & NYC metropolitan areas. Prices subject to change.

Why choose a dental savings plan?

It's a convenient way to access the dental care you need.

Everyone is accepted, and your membership can include your family members

You can use the plan as many times as you need it

There's no waiting for services or age limits

You can save on most cosmetic services like teeth whitening or veneers

Not sure what option may be best for you?

Compare our dental products to find which fits your budget and needs.

We value what's important to you

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    Savings through a large network of dentists

    You can use the dental savings plan with any participating dental provider. The plan offers a large nationwide network of providers with a focus on neighborhood dentists.

    Find Dentists for Savings Plan
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    Vision discounts

    Members save 20% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear with the EyeMed Vision Care Access Plan D discount program through the Access network. Members are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses and conventional contact lenses from more than 90,000 providers nationwide.*

    *Provider locations are subject to change

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    Hearing discounts

    Members can save 35% to 70% off MSRP on most hearing aids purchased through an Amplifon Hearing Health Care network provider. A purchase includes two years of free batteries (80 cells per hearing aid, per year) or one standard recharging station. For more information, call 866-211-6045.