An Introduction to Indexed Universal Life

Find out how a properly funded indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy can help you protect your family and accomplish your financial goals.


An Introduction to Indexed Universal Life Insurance

In your busy life, financial independence can seem like an impossible goal.  And retirement may not be top of mind, because it seems so far away.

In the past, people counted on three main sources of income in their retirement: a company pension, Social Security and whatever they’d managed to save.

But it’s not that easy today.  Fewer employers are offering traditional pension plans.  And many companies have reduced or discontinued their retirement plans.

And your ability to rely solely on Social Security is in question.  Even if benefits haven’t been reduced by the time you retire, Social Security alone was never intended to be enough to pay for the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Today, more of the burden of saving for retirement is on your shoulders.  It’s up to you to look for additional ways to supplement your retirement savings.

A properly funded indexed universal life insurance policy can help you do just that.  In additional, it can protect your family and loved ones, if you die before accomplishing all the financial goals you have for them.

Indexed universal life insurance, or I-U-L, puts you in charge of a financially secure future with:

  • Guarantees you’ll never get from the stock market
  • And beneficial tax advantages

An indexed universal life product can be a very effective way to:

  • Supplement your retirement income with policy loans and withdrawals that may be tax free
  • And provide income-tax-free life insurance benefits to ensure your family or business goals are achieved