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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of These Common Budgeting Tips

Overspending is easy to do. Almost 64 percent of Americans have experience with credit card debt.1 You’ve heard many money savings tactics before, but are you aware of the potential pitfalls? Here are some common budgeting tips, and how you can avoid the unintentional downsides that might come with each. Tip 1: Making a budget First and foremost, you should make a budget to help kickstart […]

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How to Leave a Financial Legacy When You Aren’t Wealthy

Regardless of age, there’s a lot to think about with retiring or leaving your loved ones with some financial peace of mind. You’ll see articles about how you should save $1 million for retirement. Some professionals say you should leave your children with a certain amount money. Others advise on how to catch up in retirement savings. While this is all worth considering, it can be hard to gather enough information. Almost 57 percent […]

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3 Times When Buying an Annuity Might be the Answer

Annuities are a financial option that pay out a fixed amount of income over time based on the amount of the annuity. Opinions on the usefulness of annuities often vary. Like anything, they have strengths and weaknesses so you have to decide for yourself if it makes sense for you. Annuities can provide steady income […]

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How Do Annuities Work?

While there are different types of annuities, it’s really a simple concept. You invest a sum of money with a reliable insurance company. Set a date for when you want payments to start. And then you receive regular payouts for the life of the annuity. Main Types of Annuities While the types of annuities generally […]

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Estate Planning 101: Do You Know Where to Start?

If you see the words “estate planning” and think it doesn’t apply to you, consider this: estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. If you own a house, a car, furniture, investments, insurance policies or all of those things, that’s your estate! Estate planning simply means you’re providing direction about what should happen. Whether modest […]

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