Ways to Save Money Throughout the Holidays

Holiday baking: holiday gift and great way to save money

The holidays give us many fun chances to celebrate the joy that friends and family bring us. But all those celebrations can really add up. Going to a festive holiday party may mean buying a hostess gift. Lots of family visiting for the holidays may mean lots of gifts to buy. But, there are ways to avoid post-holiday debt without being a Scrooge.

If you’re looking for ways to save money during the holidays while enjoying the season, try these budget friendly tips:

Ways to Save Money Gift-giving

Make something
Handmade gifts are always a hit and often can be created for less than something purchased. Plus, the person receiving the gift knows that you took the time to make something for them, which makes it more personal, and your gift is unique! If you make the same yummy dish or signature treat every year, it can be something your friends and family look forward to opening.

Some ideas for homemade gifts include homemade candles, fresh-baked desserts, or homemade jams or seasonal sauces. Be creative, and ask your children or friends to join you in the fun!

Shop smart
Pay attention to sales days! Often stores will lower prices before the large holidays to boost last-minute sales.

Be on the lookout for non-traditional stores to buy gifts from! For example, did you know restaurants often offer deals like $50 gift cards for just $25? But, don’t just give the gift card. Offer to babysit while mom and dad enjoy a night out. Or, set a date to enjoy that meal together and make memories all year long.

Don’t forget to start checking sale items now. Buying presents early gives you time to watch prices and find the best deals. It also helps to spread the costs out so you aren’t spending all your money at once.

Ways to save money feeding a crowd
If having a holiday dinner without all the fixings isn’t an option, there are ways you can feed a group on a budget. Make a list of the staples you want to make, like the dessert your grandkids love and that special mashed potatoes recipe. Then, ask your guests to bring the other parts of the meal. By asking everyone to contribute a dish, you remove the burden from your kitchen –and your wallet. And your family gets to enjoy a variety of foods they love!

Another way to save is to research grocery sales. Many seasonal items, like turkeys, hams, cranberries, and onions go on sale around the holidays. Also, always check for coupons before going to the store and make sure you’re enrolled in any available loyalty programs that could save you even more.

Why save during the holidays?
Winter is one of the most expensive times of year. Extra expenses in winter often include heating the house, expenses that come with the holidays, chimney sweeps and even unexpected emergencies like frozen pipes. That’s why looking for ways to save money is important, especially if you are trying to stick to a budget or living on a fixed income.

So, straighten your Santa hat and take on the season. By making handmade gifts, sharing family dinner expenses, and shopping year-round sales for holiday presents, you will be ready to save money this season and keep joy in your budget.

If you’re looking for ways to save money year round, start with bettering your budget or looking to your long term financial plan.

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