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2019 Readers’ Picks

A Life Insurance Policy that Includes Funeral Planning

This year we published more than 40 advice articles, so we thought we would highlight the top blog posts of the year. Throughout the year, we’ve shared articles about your Medicare options, retirement ideas that help you set goals and protect your future, ways to strengthen the outlook for your business, tips on how life insurance works, ways to tackle your finances, tips for living a better, healthier lifestyle, and helpful travel tips.

Here’s a look back on some of your favorite 2019 posts!

  • A Guide to Dying Well – For generations now, our culture has avoided talking about death and dying. It used to be that most people died the same way they were born — at home, surrounded by loved ones. But Western medicine and cultural norms have evolved in such a way that now, death is often a coldly clinical event that takes place in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Mental Health and Aging Well – Loneliness can become a problem in your senior years, but the ways that older adults can stay connected and active are growing.
  • Helping to Cover Funeral Costs with Life Insurance – Learn how different types of life insurance can cover funeral expenses and provide other benefits for your family.
  • A Departing Gift for Your Loved Ones – United of Omaha’s Guaranteed Plus life insurance includes funeral planning services from Everest Funeral Concierge to help take the burden off families.
  • I’m on Medicare Supplement Plan F. What’s Going to Happen to My Coverage? – Medicare Supplement Plan F is one of the most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance options. However, it’s being phased out. Beginning January 1, 2020, people who are newly-eligible for Medicare will not be able to select a Medicare Supplement plan that covers the Part B deductible. This includes Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan C.