Assisted Living Week


Every year from Sept. 10-16, assisted living communities are encouraged to take time to interact with their local areas to help educate them about long-term care. Established in 1995, National Assisted Living Week is an opportunity for people to recognize those who make assisted living possible and shed light on the importance of long-term care.

Benefits of assisted living
Assisted living communities are often the best option for those who are no longer able to live at home alone. They allow residents to be independent while receiving assistance with things they may no longer be able to do safely by themselves. Along with providing residents with basic needs, like meals and a safe environment, assisted living communities are great for keeping you or your loved ones active and social. Voluntary activities allow residents to exercise freedom of choice and remain in control. They also help with specific medical conditions, monitoring medicines and addressing dietary needs.

Importance of long-term care
Long-term care – whether in home or facility –  can help ease the worries of aging and chronic illness for family members and caregivers. It ensures that your loved one is safe, socializing, has access to the meals they need, and has transportation to the doctor’s office or grocery store. As you or those you care about age, some of the tasks of daily living that have always been easy – like shopping, cooking and cleaning become more difficult.

Take time during National Assisted Living Week to look for ways to help your local assisted living community and assess your needs for long-term care.

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