Long-term care insurance…it’s not one size fits all

Our policies offer a variety of built-in and optional benefits, making it easy to tailor a plan of coverage that's just right for you. Here are some of the most popular features.

Product Details

Built-in Benefits

These benefits are included in your policy:

Cash Benefit

As an alternative to reimbursement for actual costs you incur, you have the option to elect a cash benefit – a percentage of the policy’s benefit for home health care. Use the cash to pay for services that support your plan of care.

Care Coordination

Your policy provides access to the services of a care coordinator. This licensed health care professional will assess your needs, develop an individualized plan of care and help arrange for services.

Waiver of Premium

This built-in benefit means you will not have to pay premium on your policy while you are receiving covered long-term care services.

Alternate Care

There may be services or treatments that don’t exist today yet may become standard practice in the future. Your policy may pay benefits for this type of care when recommended by a care coordinator.

Optional Benefits

These benefits may be added to your policy at an additional cost:

  • Inflation Protection – Increases your policy benefits by a specified percentage each year to help cover the rising cost of long-term care services*
  • Shared Care – Allows you to access a portion of the benefits under your partner’s identical policy if you use all your policy benefits and still need care
  • Security Benefit – Provides an additional percentage of your policy’s monthly reimbursement benefit, which may be used to help pay for care or living expenses for your partner
  • Return of Premium – Refunds a portion of the premium you paid, less any benefits you received under the policy

Note: Additional built-in and optional benefits may be available. A licensed insurance agent/producer may provide the details.

* We're required to offer you a lifetime 5% compound inflation protection rider; however, you may have other options from which to choose.

Three Steps to Tailoring a Policy
  1. 1
    Assess Your Needs

    In order to make an appropriate recommendation, your insurance agent may ask about your family, your lifestyle, your health, your assets and your plans for the future.

  2. 2
    Make Basic Policy Decisions

    Your insurance agent will help you understand your options and make the right decisions.

    • Policy Limit – This is the maximum dollar amount available in benefits over the life of your policy
    • Monthly Benefit Amount – This is the maximum amount the policy will pay in benefits each month
    • Elimination Period – This is the waiting period before policy benefits begin

  3. 3
    Add Optional Benefits

    Your insurance agent will help you understand the many optional benefits that may be added to your policy at an additional cost.

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