The value of investing

What are your long-term goals? Which investment products and services are suitable for your unique situation? Our financial professionals are positioned to draw upon all the resources of Mutual of Omaha and its affiliates to help you work toward your financial objectives.

With our product lineup, you have a wide array of investment options. We can help you decide which ones make sense for your financial goals and financial situation.

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How can investment products work for you?

The value we place on our customer relationships, along with the products and services we offer, provide us the opportunity to help you customize a strategy tailored specifically to you. Take a look at the Mutual of Omaha Investor Services Customer Relationship Summary for important information about the products and services we offer.


Investments can help you enjoy retirement on your own terms or to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones or favorite charity.


Investments can help you buy the house of your dreams or send your children to college.

Business Owners

Investments can help you start the business you’ve always wanted to and fund a retirement for your family.

Which investment services are right for you?

Building financial assets is hard work. Make sure those assets work equally hard for you. How can you make that happen? Just as important, who will make sure all aspects of your financial situation are directed toward your financial goals?

Talk to a Mutual of Omaha financial professional about:

  • Saving for retirement and other important goals
  • Reviewing your current savings strategy
  • Taking advantage of different account types and investment options
  • Planning your retirement income
  • The ins and outs of your employee benefits
  • Strategies for business owners
  • Planning your estate and legacy
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