Rhode Island  

Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) became effective January 2014.

Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training website

Rhode Island Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI)  

Paid leave to care for a seriously ill child, spouse, domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law or grandparent and for parents to bond within the first year with a biological, foster or adopted child.

Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)  

Paid leave for employees who miss work due to temporary disability or injury not caused from work-related activities.

Rhode Island Benefits Overview  

  • TCI allows for up to 6 weeks leave, with a maximum pay of $1,007 per week
  • TDI allows for up to 30 weeks leave, with a maximum pay of $1,007 per week

Both programs are financed by payroll deductions

A private plan is not allowed under the law.