Family & Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) benefits begin January 1, 2024.

Colorado Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI)

Colorado Family & Medical Insurance (FAMLI)  

Colorado Family & Medical Leave Insurance is expected to pay benefits starting in 2024. Colorado FAMLI allows for family leave and medical leave for an employee’s own illness, injury or disability. Employees may take family leave to bond with a new child, recover from a personal illness or injury, care for an ill or injured relative and respond to certain family military-connected events. Employees may also take safe leave to address certain needs arising from domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault or abuse.

Colorado Benefits Overview  

Up to 12 weeks of leave with an additional 4 weeks for pregnancy or childbirth complications.

Up to 90% wage replacement, up to $1,100 per week maximum

A private plan is allowed under the law.

If you have a private CO PFML plan with Mutual of Omaha, you can download the English and Spanish employee poster notice's below.

English CO PFML Employee Poster Notice

Spanish CO PFML Employee Poster Notice