A Legacy of Protection

A Legacy of Protection

Since its network premiere in 1963, "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" reached millions of viewers and inspired them to care about wildlife, native cultures and remote places around the world. Today that legacy continues with updates to the classic episodes on RFD-TV, new content on social media and digital channels, and special appearances with the show’s current host, Peter Gros. We lead our pack by telling stories of challenges and spotlighting positive changes of our natural world. This month, we spotlight the rhino – a declining population due to loss of habitat and poaching. Through education, we can help stop poaching and the black market for rhino horns.

Animal Spotlight: Rhinos

Featured Episode: "Rhino Rescue"

Marlin Perkins joins an animal trapper and vet in Kenya, east Africa in an effort to locate, immobilize and relocate these large rhinos to save from extinction.

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Wild Kingdom Rhino Encounters

Helping You Protect Your Kingdom

Since 1909, we’ve offered insurance solutions to help people protect what matters most. And you know what’s really wild? We’re as excited about it now as we were a century ago, because protecting both the animal kingdom and the kingdom our customers call home is what we do.


It’s hard to imagine that some cultures still kill rhinos for their horns because they believe the horn's medicinal qualities. Scientifically there is no proof of that. The horns are simply compressed hair.

— PETER GROS | Wild Kingdom Co-Host & Wildlife Expert