Our first target is the head.

The bite of an anaconda is very painful.

Got it! But I'll have to hold on tight, he has over a hundred teeth and if he bites you, you'll never pull free.

[Music] [Splashing]

He keeps pulling us off a ledge into deep water.

One of us alone wouldn't stand a chance against this snake.

[Music] [Splashing]

Its coils are searching for something solid.

He's got a tremendous advantage in the water, maneuvering with ease.

We can't move fast enough to avoid him.

The greatest danger now is drowning or suffocation.

When he wraps his coils around you, he can completely cut off your breathing.

[Music] [Splashing]

His great strength seems multiplied in water.

[Music] [Splashing]

What a tremendously effective fighter, he is, always on the offensive

[Music] [Splashing]

He's got Marlin.

[Music] [Splashing]

The anaconda exerts fantastic pressure and his weight keeps you constantly off balance.

[Music] [Splashing]

I've got to pull the coils off, and I'll need Stan's help.

[Music] [Splashing]

We've worked him away from the deep water, now to get the coils off.

He doesn't crash bone, but he'll keep squeezing until breath and circulation are completely gone.

That pressure is tremendous.

[Music] [Splashing]

None too soon, those coils were tiring Marlin and neither of us have much fight left.

But I think the snake's tiring too. Maybe we can bag him now.

The first blood drawn, and on my own knife.

This snake is enormous. He must weigh over 200 pounds.

We'd better get him in before he catches his second win.

[Music] [Splashing]

Now to put the head in and avoid those teeth.

[Music] [Splashing]

We've got it!

The most feared of all the Dadanawa giants, the anaconda.

Updated on November 28, 2023

We love to joke that Jim Fowler did all of Marlin’s dirty work, but true Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom fans know that Marlin Perkins forged that path. Check out this infamous scene of Marlin Perkins and Stan Brock capturing a large snake from Giants of Dadanawa (season 6, episode 2).

Looking for more videos like this? Watch all your favorite classic Wild Kingdom moments for free and on demand here.

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An image from a classic Wild Kingdom episode, featuring Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler. An image from a classic Wild Kingdom episode, featuring Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler.

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