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The path to launching a career as a financial representative with Mutual of Omaha starts with a six-step process. These steps let us get to know you and provide you with opportunities to learn more about this rewarding career choice.

Our financial representative recruiting process

Step 1: Application — Once we've received your application, we’ll do an initial review and be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Step 2: Initial Screen — We'll conduct an automated phone screen to get to know you beyond your resume.

Step 3: First Interview — At this point, we’ll take a deeper dive into your background and experiences and give you the opportunity to learn more about a career with Mutual of Omaha.

Step 4: Assessment — This online assessment lets us compare your strengths to those of our successful financial representatives.

Step 5: Second Interview — During this interview, you’ll learn more about our culture and expectations. We’ll also explore situational-based questions to determine if you’re a fit for this role.

Step 6: The Offer — You’ll receive an offer and, if you accept, we’ll welcome you as a member of the team and start your training.

Do you have the traits of a successful financial representative? 

Successful financial representatives demonstrate specific competencies that help them build their business and get ahead in today’s competitive market. How many of these do you have?

  • Driven

    To succeed as a financial representative, it takes resilience, tenacity and unwavering determination for achieving your goals. You’ll need to consistently seek personal and professional growth and be able to learn from setbacks and proactively overcome challenges.
  • Charismatic

    To demonstrate to your clients that you’re the professional to help them reach their financial goals, it takes charisma, confidence, strong communication skills and empathy to build lasting trust and rapport. Plus, you’ll need to show a true passion for the tools and strategies you’ll employ to help them.
  • Insightful

    Today’s top financial representatives possess keen perception, sharp intellect and a deep understanding of people. To be one of them, you’ll need the ability to grasp complex concepts and make insightful observations. To set you apart from the competition, it’ll take knowledge to analyze situations and make informed decisions.
  • Professional

    Successful financial representatives demonstrate a high level of competency, integrity and dedication to their craft. You’ll need to take the initiative to continually sharpen your skills and industry knowledge while maintaining a sense of reliability, accountability and a commitment to standards and ethics.
  • Ambitious

    Building a thriving financial practice requires a forward-thinking, dynamic leader who thrives on making things happen and possesses a drive to identify and act upon opportunities. To succeed as a financial representative, you’ll need to be creative and resourceful and have a strong willingness to solve complex problems.
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