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We focus on an engineering skillset with software, data, systems and cloud accelerator programs. And we contribute to our talent pipeline through a partner code school. Bring your expertise in software, data transformation and analytics, automation, systems or cloud infrastructure — we will amplify your strengths and empower your career.

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Our Associates Say It Best

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"Five years ago, before I accepted a position at Mutual, my dream company was a small startup. When I talked to them about new technologies, they told me they were too risky. At Mutual the answer is, 'Yea, let's try it!' Mutual is playing the long game, taking risks to move faster and deliver a better customer experience."
Abby JonesEngineer III
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"I knew I made the right decision to join Mutual when I realized the amount of respect employees have for each other. There is a sense that we are on the same team with very little competition between employees."
Suzanne Tyrrell DeprezEngineer I
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"Mutual has a positive and supportive culture that is hard to find elsewhere and is called out as a strong recruitment attribute by many of our job candidates. Often we don't just find workmates here, but friends and lasting partnerships who can make our lives better."
Justin AyersInfo Services Director
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"When I started in 1997, I thought the job would be a steppingstone to somewhere else. It was a place to start. It ended up being a place I wanted to stay, and the job turned into a career."
George WeaverEngineer II
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Perks of Working at Mutual

We’re mutually invested in your future, so we make sure our benefits go beyond your paycheck.

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Remote/Hybrid Work

Work in the place that’s best for you whether it’s at home, in the office or a mix of both. We’re committed to flexible work and support your choice of work environment.

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Learning and Career Development

Build on your information technology knowledge with technology-specific courses like Amazon Web Services, MuleSoft, Snowflake, Automated Testing and Requirements. You’ll also have access to eLearning platforms, Udemy for Business and Pluralsight. Want to hone your engineering skills? We offer software, data and systems engineering accelerators to associates.

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Paid Training Opportunities

Receive a recognition bonus upon successful completion of AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Developer and AWS Security topics certifications.

You’ll also enjoy company-wide perks like a 401(k) retirement plan match, comprehensive benefits and generous time off.

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Modernization, Training & Culture

The Power to INNOVATE

Mutual of Omaha is committed to investing in modernization, training and culture. By leveraging the latest technology, we can meet customer demands and go into the next 100 years. Come be a part of the team who makes it possible.


[video: text appears: “The power of MODERNIZATION”]

[video: A man in white dress shirt speaks]

>Senior leadership on down have defined that as a place we want to invest in.

>video: text appears “Jerrid Derr IT Director”]

>Which is exciting. We’ve been here over 100 years. Mutual of Omaha wants to be around another 100 years and knows technology and the ability to meet customer demands is key for us to be there.

[video: text appears: “The power of TRAINING”]

[video: A woman in dark jacket speaks]

So we have a wide variety of ways to train and learn.

[video: text appears “Leann Kirchner IT Director”]

It depends on if you’re learning the business background, if you’re learning technical or if you’re learning those soft skills. They seem to align with your learning style. So it may be in the classroom, it may be paired programming or even college courses that we collaborate with different universities.

[video: text appears: “The power of CULTURE”]

[video: A man in dark shirt speaks]

In 28 years, it’s certainly evolved and changed dramatically.

[video: text appears “Scott Hoppe VP Information Technology”]

And the fact that we’re now kind of a servant leadership, customer focused, really collaborative is very much a rewarding experience to work here every day.

[video: text appears “The Power of a CAREER” and white circle goes around “CAREER”]

[video: Mutual of Omaha logo appears]

[video: text appears “Apply online at mutualofomaha.com/careers”]

Tech at Mutual Blog

Our Tech at Mutual Blog gives an inside perspective of our culture and what we do from those who know it best: our people.

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Mutual of Omaha IT Leadership Series

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