People with Purpose: Chris Poore Serves With Empathy and Creates Lasting Impact

Published: June 11, 2024
Social Impact
photo of Chris Poore

Information Services Manager Chris Poore believes every experience leads to a new opportunity.

This is evident in both his career journey and his strong commitment to the community. After graduating from college, Poore worked for a local newspaper and later owned his own company. Ready for a change, he joined Mutual of Omaha 10 years ago and has worked in various I/S positions ever since, including his current role as Information Services Manager. He's been a journalist, an entrepreneur, an investor and a technology leader.

"I believe the path forward is hidden from sight for a reason, and the journey - not the destination - is the purpose of life," Poore shared. "To meet new people, share in conversations, have new experiences, achieve and celebrate successes, encourage and inspire others, overcome fears, give back, be the best person I can be ... this is what motivates me."

He’s also motivated to help others be at their best. Early in his career at Mutual of Omaha, Poore joined the Employee Financial Assistance Fund board.

"Chris is a tireless volunteer who prioritizes people and their potential," said Social Impact Program Manager Kim Armstrong. "He's highly engaged and isn't afraid to advocate for others. His life experiences have fostered strong empathy and ability to make real and lasting connections."

His empathy is evident through his volunteer service with RISE, an Omaha-based nonprofit dedicated to breaking the generational cycles of incarceration. As a volunteer, Poore works directly with individuals to help chart their future after leaving the corrections system. He’s been engaged there since the organization first launched back in 2016. RISE is also a grantee of the Mutual of Omaha Foundation.

"I was attracted to RISE's message of providing second-chance opportunities. They ask the question, 'What if you were only known for the worst thing you've ever done?' That resonates with me. As someone who's received second (and sometimes third) chances in life, I wanted to see if I could do the same for others," Poore said. "My first volunteer shift took me to the Omaha Correctional Center working with RISE program participants to create resumes and write business plans in anticipation of their release. The energy I experienced that day was infectious — I was hooked."

If you're thinking about how to give back to the community, Poore offers inspired advice.

"It's amazing to work for a company that prioritizes community service. I'd encourage associates to leverage this support and find an experience that takes them outside their comfort zone. If we never try new things, we can't grow. That's where the magic happens for both the organization and us as volunteers."

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