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Childhood project inspires a lifetime of volunteer service for Bob Herrera, business program consultant in Information Services.

Being at their best doesn’t only apply to the innovative approach Mutual of Omaha associates put into their work every day. For many associates, being at their best also means having the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in their communities.

Mutual of Omaha was founded on the principle of helping people in their time of need. And that’s not lost on Bob Herrera, one of Mutual’s most seasoned and active community volunteers, whose commitment to volunteering is both genuine and generous.

Herrera, a business program consultant in Information Services, has a service resume that includes support for numerous organizations, events, schools and charitable programs.

"I started volunteering as a kid, working with friends to collect newspapers for a recycling project at our church," Herrera said. "It was fun and felt good to help others." This small project was the catalyst that sparked a lifetime of volunteering.

Herrera has taken on many different volunteer roles including mentor, organizer, founder, fundraiser, officer, worker and motivator. He is known for his boundless energy and inclusive approach.

"Bob makes everyone feel welcome," said Carolina Padilla, CEO of the Intercultural Senior Center. "His network is incredibly strong and diverse. He is a natural leader who knows how to make connections that strengthen any project."

He currently represents Mutual of Omaha on the board of directors for the Intercultural Senior Center (ISC). When he was first invited to serve the organization, he declined because he wanted to keep focusing on students and youth initiatives. "But then as my parents were aging and experiencing health issues, I saw firsthand the challenges facing seniors. It changed me and I knew it was time to answer this call," Herrera said. "I'm so proud to be part of ISC because they are providing seniors with connections, activities, meals and emotional support. This is a population that while cherished, is often forgotten."

Herrera is glad he began volunteering early in his career and encourages others to give back.

“Throughout my 37-year career, Mutual has always encouraged associates to volunteer. This is not the case with every employer. Seize this opportunity to grow and help others,” he said. “There are so many great organizations and ways you can support them. Look for opportunities that speak to your passions, and commit to what your time and resources will allow."

Mutual associates devote thousands of volunteer hours to communities around the country each year. Learn more about Mutual’s culture and our commitment to volunteerism and community affairs.

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