Our Focus on Technology in 2022

Our Focus on Technology in 2022

Each of us uses technology to simplify our lives and interact with the world around us. Most of us have smartphones with numerous apps that keep us organized and allow us to access information quickly. We purchase from our favorite online retailers because of the experience they provide.

To win in the marketplace and serve our customers effectively — now and in the future — Mutual of Omaha must understand the needs of our target markets and continue to deliver unique solutions and experiences they value. This also includes meeting, or even exceeding, their digital expectations. To remain relevant and competitive, we must create a technological environment that supports our differentiation.

That’s where technology modernization comes in. This ongoing initiative aims to build technical solutions that enhance our competitiveness and help our business operate even more efficiently and effectively. Our customers and distribution partners expect convenience when they do business with us, which requires us to continually evolve and keep up with the rapid pace of digital advancement.

Over the last two years, we set the groundwork for the company’s tech modernization program by building a common technology platform, investing in talent, shutting off legacy systems, automating processes and delivering new digital capabilities to benefit our customers, sales professionals and associates.

In 2022, we’re building on that momentum and will continue to strategically add to our list of digital business capabilities. Ultimately, these efforts are all about serving our customers. But modernized technology is also about providing associates the information and tools needed to work effectively in support of our mission.

There is no end date to tech modernization at Mutual of Omaha. It’s an ongoing, business-driven effort and investment that will change and grow with our customers and the marketplace. I’m excited for our growth-based strategy and feel confident our people, processes and technology will keep us relevant long into the future.

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