Happy Birthday Marlin Perkins

March 27, 2023
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Happy birthday [March 28] to the legend himself, Marlin Perkins! Marlin was a pioneer in the nature documentary and conservation space, and we’re honored to have had him as our host. We know the show would not be what is it today without him.


Today, we celebrate the birthday of Marlin Perkins, an icon in wildlife television programming. Every Sunday evening, Marlin would entertain and educate us as the host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Families would gather around their televisions with great expectations of Marlin's worldwide adventures. He opened our eyes and minds to the wonders of the natural world and remote locations around the world. Marlin's conservation message greatly inspired me and influenced my career in wildlife education. For that I say, "Thank you, Mr. Perkins." I will continue the legacy you started with Mutual of Omaha, spreading the message of preserving our natural world and the lands in which they live. Visit Wild Kingdom dot com for more great animal stories.

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