Celebrating World Sea Turtle Day

June 13, 2022
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World Sea Turtle Day is June 16. These marine reptiles need your help as their habitats are disappearing around the world. Learn how you can protect turtle and tortoise habitats in this video from Wild Kingdom Host Peter Gros.


It's World Sea Turtle Day today, a day when we celebrate the tortoises and sea turtles of the world. Imagine a sea turtle that has swum over 4,000 miles, retracing its track to the same beach where it was born. They can get to be almost 300 pounds, live to be a hundred years old and survive for years living off the ocean's currents. eating crustaceans, eating jellyfish and anything else that happens to pass by that they can crush with their powerful jaws. So remember if you're near a beach where sea turtles nest, give them plenty of room, don't go near their eggs and always turn your lights off at night during hatching season so the hatchlings don't get confused and come to shore rather than swimming out to sea. Visit for more great animal stories.

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