Conservation Key to the Kingdom

Conservation Key to the Kingdom

Since its premiere in 1963, "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" has served as a platform for conservation education for millions of Americans. Current host Peter Gros recently visited the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Des Moines, Iowa, to promote its work to maintain genetic diversity in a herd of bison that call the refuge home. The bison play an important role in the prairie ecosystem because their grazing and movements help pollinate the grasses and create habitat for smaller wildlife. It’s a true conservation success story.

Meet Barnabé the Bat

Barnabé the bat was found nearly dead on a street in France. See how the Panse-Betes Rescue Center taught Barnabé how to socialize with other bats in order to be released back into the wild.

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Helping You Protect Your Kingdom

Since 1909, we’ve offered insurance solutions to help people protect what matters most. And you know what’s really wild? We’re as excited about it now as we were a century ago, because protecting both the animal kingdom and the kingdom our customers call home is what we do.

Is it a Bison or a Buffalo?

Many people use the terms bison and buffalo interchangeably, when in fact the two animals have distinct physical differences:

Humps: Bison have a hump at their shoulders, but buffalo do not
Horns: Bison horns are sharp and short, while buffalo horns are large and have arcs
Beard: Bison have beards, buffalo do not