The Mutual Actuarial Program (MAP) is designed to help those who are pursuing their associateship and fellowship of the Society of Actuaries. You’ll gain valuable experience performing actuarial analysis for a Fortune 500 company while receiving support to pass your exams and earn your credentials.

Program Overview

We invest in our student actuaries and want you to succeed. Through the Mutual Actuarial Program, you’ll have the chance to rotate between departments to find the best fit for your skills and interests. Our company’s size offers a great balance – large enough for growth potential, but small enough to feel like a true team.

At Mutual, actuaries report to actuaries. Even our CEO is an FSA! That means your manager understands the exam process because he or she has gone through it.

Competitive Starting Salary


You’ll also earn an increase each time you pass an exam.

Retention Rate

We employ more than 85 actuaries at our home office, and our 94% retention rate supports Mutual’s reputation as a strong, stable and secure company.

Career Progression

MAP provides built-in career progression. In other words, as you pass your exams, you’ll automatically advance your career.


Actuarial Assistant

This is where most entry-level MAP employees begin.


Senior Actuarial Assistant

Pass your third exam and you’ll earn this title.


Actuarial Associate

Earn your ASA designation and you’ll advance again.


Managing Actuary

Earn your FSA and you’ll graduate from the program.

Program Highlights

Study and Exam Support

MAP provides resources and benefits to help prepare you for exam success.

  • Paid study time
  • Study material reimbursement
  • Exam fee reimbursement
  • Salary increases with each pass notification
  • Paid time off for exams
Mentoring Program

Student actuaries learn from the best at Mutual of Omaha. Everyone who joins our program is assigned a mentor. But not just any mentor – other MAP members who have been in your shoes, starting a career while studying for exams. These individuals are here to support you, make you feel welcome and introduce you to corporate life and the city of Omaha.

Your Work Family

You’ll work hard in the program, but you’ll also enjoy being part of our close-knit group. MAP employees get together after hours for exam result celebrations, College World Series games, barbecues and summer intern outings.

In Their Own Words

David Jesik
David Jesik

"Joining the Mutual Actuarial Program has proven to be hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made. The support and encouragement you receive from your peers makes it feel like we are all just a big family, and I wouldn’t trade that camaraderie for anything."

Alexa Mertens
Alexa Mertens

"When I interviewed for this job, I was told that the student program at Mutual had a family culture. I thought that was just something people say to convince you to move 1,500 miles from home, but I’ve found it’s really true! Whether it’s a student program happy hour, a pizza party or someone’s FSA party, there’s always something going on. I can’t recommend the student program at Mutual highly enough!"

Interview Process


Phone Interview




Virtual Interview