Employee Perspectives
APIs and Writing Code — Exploring the Culinary Connection
Baking a cake has much more to do with APIs and writing code than you ever imagined. Brian Poppe, Chief Data Officer, (humorously) explains why.

A Rewarding Change of Direction
For some, a career path to the IT world involves a few detours and changes of direction. Learn how two software engineers took their teaching careers in new, rewarding directions to get to their current roles with Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha IT Leadership Series
Featuring Melissa Pruch, Vice President, Information Services I/S Performance and Operations.

Monty Hall, The Black Swan, and a New Way of Thinking
What do Monty Hall and a mathematician pastor have to do with insurance technology? Read this article for the answer.

Harnessing the Power of Containers
Technology drives maximal value to the enterprise, not through wielding the power of specific programming languages, but by composing multiple component technologies into systems that model, automate and deliver complex business processes. In this article, Engineer Adam McQuistan explains his thoughts on harnessing the power of containers.

Our Focus on Technology in 2022
To win in the marketplace and serve our customers effectively, Mutual of Omaha must understand the needs of our target markets and continue to deliver unique solutions and experiences they value. In this article, Chief Information Officer Mike Lechtenberger shares how we continually strive to build a technological environment that supports our differentiation.

Managing the Costly Risk of Ransomware
As the threat of ransomware attacks grows each day, Mutual of Omaha is working on new ways to counter the risks. Check out this article for some easy steps you can implement at your company today to protect your data.

Learn 10 Tips for Landing the Perfect Career
Finding your dream job is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever experience. But it can also feel like an overwhelming challenge. In this post our recruiting team shares 10 tips that could be just what you need make your search for the perfect career a success.

Learn 8 Tips for a Virtual Interview
Over the past two years, virtual job interviews have become the norm for many businesses. To make a positive impression on camera may require learning a few new tricks. Check out this latest post where you’ll learn eight proven tips that could help you land your dream job.

Learn More About How Our Software Engineers Tackle Interesting Problems
The insurance industry can be a fulfilling destination for IT professionals. Hear from two software engineers who overcame their preconceived notions and are now enjoying rewarding careers and all the benefits of a supportive, forward-thinking culture at Mutual of Omaha.

Chef preparing food
We live in a world of IT where a day doesn't go by without hearing the word "microservices." There is no textbook answer for building them. It must be done in a manner that suits the organization and adheres to standards.