Updated on November 29, 2023

African lions are symbols of courage and strength. Thanks to Wild Kingdom’s new King of the Jungle Insurance, lions are able to retain their place as undisputed ruler of the African grasslands. In fact, the lions tell us the access to quality medical care and services their coverage provides gives them a renewed sense of confidence, news their prey isn’t too happy about.


King of the Jungle Insurance

Here are the key services King of the Jungle Insurance covers:

  • Vocal cord exams — Protects a lion’s mighty roar.
  • Dental fillings — Prevents tooth pain so lions can bite down hard on prey.
  • Thorn extraction — Allows lions to visit a podiatrist if they need a thorn removed from a paw.
  • Restored vegetation — Provides a new supply of grass and brush lions need for cover or to rest after a hunt.
  • Specialized conditioner — Helps keeps lions’ luxurious manes flowing and in tip-top shape.

It’s easy to see why King of the Jungle Insurance is the talk of the savannahs!


Supporting African lion conservation efforts

How can the African lion get its mighty roar back? Its dwindling range has cornered the feared beasts to mainly parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and over the last 25 years, the African lion population has been cut in half.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is proud to support like-minded conservation organizations like the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s SAFE — Saving Animals from Extinction — program, which is working hard to ensure African lions continue to rule the African grasslands for decades to come.

Lions face many challenges, both natural and man-made:

  • Habitat loss — With rapid population and industrial growth, areas lions used to roam have vanished.
  • Loss of prey — Animals lions rely on for food are declining because of an increasingly commercialized bushmeat trade.
  • Human-lion conflict — Lions have been killed by retaliatory measures in response to killing or threatening livestock.
  • Poaching — Lions are targeted by poachers, who want a lion’s paws, teeth, skins and bones.

What’s being done?

SAFE says Africa’s protected areas have the potential to hold up to four times the number of lions that currently exist in the wild, and a focus on preserving these areas can go a long way to help the lions thrive.

Lions’ falling numbers and loss of habitat is also not well known, both within Africa and around the world. SAFE is working on conservation measures, at local and political levels, to get the support and funds needed to fend off increasing threats to lions.

Want to see more? AZA-accredited facility, Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens, recently welcome four new African lion cubs to their pride. Read more about the cubs and how they are educating a new generation on the importance of conservation.


Just as we help protect wildlife through our support of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, we also help protect the human kingdom. Learn more about how you can help protect your kingdom.


King of the Jungle Insurance is not real coverage, but lions would get a big roar out of it if it were.
Source: SAFE, Saving Animals From Extinction, African Lions Action Plan, 2019-2022.

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