September 18, 2023

There are more than 600 types of rays, from the common stingray to the extraordinarily rare ornate eagle ray. There’s one thing all rays have in common — their universal like of Fins and Gills Insurance. So, from the four-inch wide short-nose electric ray to the 30-foot long wingspan of the giant manta ray, Fins and Gills Insurance is a big hit under the sea.


Fins and Gills Insurance from Wild Kingdom

Here are the key services Fins and Gills Insurance offers:

  • Barb sharpening —Rays don’t use them often, but having a sharp barb helps rays defend themselves if necessary.
  • Nasal exams — Having clear nasal passages is important for rays, as they use receptors on their noses to detect prey.
  • School supplies – Of all ray species, stingrays are considered the most intelligent. Because they are born fully developed, their little ones are ready to start school at a really young age.
  • Seafood dining credit — Rays rely on a steady diet of plankton, fish and small invertebrates to survive.
  • Orthopedic services — With a body made up of mostly cartilage, knowing a good orthopedist is near the top of a ray’s must-have list.

It’s not fishy — sharks and rays love Fins and Gills Insurance!


Supporting shark and ray conservation efforts

Like many marine animals, destructive fishing practices pose significant long-term challenges for rays.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is proud to support like-minded conservation organizations like the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s SAFE — Saving Animals from Extinction — program, which is working to curtail unsafe and unsavory fishing practices so rays can thrive in their natural environment.

Threats to sharks and rays

The threat caused by unsustainable and uncontrolled fisheries is made worse by:

  • Lack of data — The ability to highlight where shark and ray populations are declining can be challenging, making policy action difficult.
  • Need for policy and legislation — Adoption and enforcement of policies needed for shark and ray conservation have been slow to come.
  • Lack of commitment to sustainable fisheries — A commitment to sustainable fishing practices has not received strong international support.

What’s being done to help rays?

Having strong data to show how sharks and rays are harmed by destructive fishing practices is the proof in the pudding. AZA’s broad network of experts are working to expand relationships, close data gaps and enhance the understanding of the threats at hand.

It’s hoped these data-based decisions can help promote meaningful change and positive action across the globe.


Just as we help protect wildlife through our support of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, we also help protect the human kingdom. Learn more about how you can help protect your kingdom.


Source: SAFE, Saving Animals From Extinction, Sharks and Rays Action Plan, 2022-2024.

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