Matt Grevers

Matt on dreaming big

“I might come up short, but that’s what pushes me to do better.”

Two golds and a silver. Not a bad start for Matt Grevers at his first major international competition, the 2008 Olympics. That’s where he earned a silver medal in the 100m backstroke, and he won two gold medals swimming in the 400m freestyle and 400m medley relays. Matt and his freestyle relay teammates broke the world record in the preliminary heat in 3:12.23, and the finals team lowered the mark to 3:08.24.

Read more about Matt in SPLASH magazine, courtesy of USA Swimming - May/June 2011 | May/June 2013

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Olympic Swim Trials Reflection

“2016 will be my 5th Olympic Trials. Each one has been a different experience with different expectations.

In 2000, I was 15 and my main goal was to see how many autographs I could get.

In 2004, I thought there was a chance for me to make the team, but I was still young and had backup opportunities if I didn’t make it.

2008 Trials was do or die. I was already a year out of college and I needed to start a professional career. I had swum my whole life and felt like I almost deserved to make the Olympic team for all the effort I’d spent on it. The nerves I felt were unlike anything in my life at that point. I swam with a dramatic need; knowing my swimming career hinged on that moment. After I made the team I realized it wasn’t just for me that I made the Olympic roster. I had accomplished this goal for my family, teammates, coaches, and friends that had been with me for years.

In 2012, I was a veteran with sponsors. The expectation of making the team came with a different sort of pressure. Swimming had become my livelihood, and I didn’t want to let down anyone who had invested in me. I was also confident in the work I had done and I raced with that confidence.

2016 is coming up. Now that I’m 30, I’m appreciative of everything swimming has given me. I’m excited to see what I can do!” 

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  • Birthday: March 26, 1985
  • College: Northwestern University

Sweet Achievement

“Being a part of the 2009 World Championship gold medal 400m free relay team. It’s been my dream to help the U.S. dominate that event again.”

Winning Record

  • Olympics
    2012 – Gold, 100m backstroke 52.16 (OR); Gold, 400m medley relay 3:29.35; Silver, 400m freestyle relay (P) 3:12.59
    2008 – Gold, 400m freestyle relay (WR); Gold, 400m medley relay; Silver, 100m backstroke
  • World Championships
    2015 – Gold, 400m relay; Silver, 50m backstroke; Bronze, 100 backstroke
    2014 – Gold, 200m mixed freestyle relay (scm); Silver, 200m freestyle relay (scm); Silver, 400m medley relay (scm); Bronze, 200m medley relay (scm); Bronze, 400m freestyle relay (scm); Bronze, 100m backstroke (scm)
    2013 – Gold, 100m backstroke; Silver, 50m backstroke
    2012 – Gold, 100m backstroke (scm); Silver, 50m backstroke (scm); Gold, 400m freestyle relay (scm)
    2009 – Gold, 400m freestyle relay; Gold, 400m medley relay
    2006 – Silver, 400m medley relay (scm); Bronze, 400m freestyle relay (scm)
  • Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool (scm)
    2015 – Gold, 100m backstroke (WR); Gold, 200m backstroke; Gold, 400m freestyle relay; Gold, 400m medley relay
    2011 – Bronze, 50m freestyle; Gold, 100m butterfly; Gold, 100m backstroke; Gold, 400m freestyle relay; Gold, 400m medley relay
    2009 – Gold, 100m backstroke; Gold, 200m backstroke; Gold, 400m freestyle relay (WR); Silver, 50m freestyle

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