Ian Crocker

Ian on making workouts fun

“Set a goal every day for workout. It can be as simple as using five dolphin kicks off each turn in warm-up, or a goal time for a challenging set. I find that this can help make difficult workouts more fun, and give a better sense of achievement from day to day.”

Among the fastest fliers ever, Ian always delivered. He’s set world records for individual and relay performances for years. His favorite is the first. At the 2003 World Champs, he watched the current 100m butterfly world record go down twice in the semifinals. Ian used that energy to fuel his fly and out-touched his rivals in the finals for the gold and his first world record. With that one fingertip, Ian became the first man to finish under 51 seconds, and he began his six-year reign as the world record holder in his signature event.


  • Birthday: August 31, 1982
  • College: University of Texas at Austin

Sweet Achievement

“Breaking the 100m butterfly world record for the first time in 2003.”

Winning Record

  • Olympic Games
    2008 - Gold, 400m medley relay
    2004 - Silver, 100m butterfly; Gold, 400m medley relay (WR); Bronze, 400m freestyle relay
    2000 - Gold, 400m medley relay
  • World Championships
    2007 - Silver, 50m butterfly; Silver, 100m butterfly
    2005 - Gold,100m butterfly (WR); Gold, 400m medley relay; Silver 50m butterfly
    2004 (scm) - Gold, 100m butterfly; Gold, 50m butterfly (WR); Gold, 400m freestyle relay; Gold, 400m medley relay (WR)
    2003 - Gold,400m medley relay (WR); Gold, 100m butterfly (WR); Gold 50m butterfly
    2001 - Silver, 100m butterfly
  • Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool
    2005 - Gold, 100m butterfly
    2003 - Silver, 100m butterfly
  • Mutual of Omaha Pan Pacific Championships
    2006 - Gold, 100m butterfly; Gold, 400m medley relay