Elizabeth Beisel

Elizabeth on doing well at a young age

“It never came easy. I never missed a practice; I was very dedicated as a young kid, but I had great friends to do it with, so that kept it fun.”

Elizabeth Beisel has been swimming competitively since age six. In 2003, she began setting age-group records (still holds eight). She made her first international team at age 13 and her first Olympic team at age 15 in 2008.

Now in her early twenties, Elizabeth heads into 2016 with a veteran’s perspective. “I am not always the girl winning all the awards and medals...medaling is not the whole part,” she said.

“To be able to share meaningful experiences with people I adore and respect, that’s the real value for me, those are the memories that will make me smile, and make me proud, for the rest of my life.”

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Olympic Swim Trials Reflection

“I absolutely love Olympic Trials. It is an extremely stressful meet, but I have only ever had successful and good memories from it. I get more nervous for this meet than I do the Olympics, just because so much is on the line. Despite this, the atmosphere is unbelievable and there is no other meet like it. Flames shoot into the arena when records break and people make the team and the light shows before the races are nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend going to this meet, whether it be to compete or to watch. It is truly an event to remember.”


  • Birthday: August 18, 1992
  • College: University of Florida

Winning Record

  • Olympic Games
    2012 – Bronze, 200m backstroke; Silver, 400m individual medley
  • World Championships
    2013 – Bronze, 400m individual medley
    2011 – Gold, 400m individual medley (NAG, 17-18)
    2009 – Bronze, 200m backstroke (NAG, 15-16)
  • Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool
    2011 – Bronze, 400m individual medley
    2007 – Silver, 200m backstroke
  • Mutual of Omaha Pan Pacific Championships
    2010 – Gold, 400m individual medley; Gold, 200m backstroke (NAG, 17-18)