David Walters

David on personal accomplishment

“The glory of dedication and determination shines more brightly than any medal in the world.”

On his way to qualifying for the 2012 Olympics, David Walters and his teammates have been setting records. David currently holds the American Record in the 800y freestyle relay, set at the 2008 Big 12 Championships while he was attending the University of Texas. He also holds the 400m medley relay and 800m freestyle relay world records set at the 2009 World Championships.

David’s come a long way since he started swimming with his neighborhood team at age 5. What began as a desire to surf with his dad has become an opportunity to see the world and be a part of something greater than himself. 

Of course, he still surfs with his dad as often as possible. Hopefully they’ll catch some waves in Great Britain in 2012. 


  • Birthday: September 27, 1987
  • College: University of Texas

Sweet Achievement

“After going to the Olympics and being on world-record setting relays, my real gold medals are my memories of wanting to quit but never giving up.”

Winning Record

  • Olympics
    2008 – Gold, 800m freestyle relay
  • World Championships
    2011 – Gold, 800m freestyle relay
    2010 – Silver, 800m freestyle relay (scm)
    2009 – Gold, 800m freestyle relay (WR); Gold, 400m medley relay (WR)
    2007 – Gold, 800m freestyle relay