Anthony Ervin

Anthony on accomplishments

“Each ending is a new beginning, so there's plenty more.”

Anthony Ervin is a thinker, a tinkerer, a teacher and a student. With a perpetually unsatisfied curiosity and intelligence, he’s seen and done more in just three decades than most mortals do in a lifetime.

By the time he was age 22, he’d won Olympic gold, two World championships and seven NCAA titles. He moved on. World traveler, graduate student, rock and roll band member and tattoo collector.

Eventually his love for the sport reemerged, and he returned to competitive swimming. With it came a sense of giving back through teaching youth about water safety and helping them reach their potential in and out of the pool.

This time around, Anthony applies his mind as much as his body to swimming. He's always innovating and tweaking his movement through water just to see where it takes him. Rio in 2016, perhaps?

USA Swimming Profile

Olympic Swim Trials Reflection

“I really feel it’s just like any other swim meet, but the biggest most important one in the country, with the highest stakes: making the USA Olympic team. I get very nervous and find myself meditating a lot, and I often think about my friends and family who I know are in Omaha having a good time while I continue to prepare.”


  • Birthday: May 26, 1981
  • College: University of California Berkeley

Sweet Achievement

“Swimming a personal best (21.62) in the 50m freestyle in the semis at the 2012 Olympics and making the finals.”

Winning Record

  • Olympics
    2016 – Gold, 50m freestyle; Gold, 400m freestyle relay
    2000 – Gold, 50m freestyle; Silver, 400m freestyle relay
  • World Championships
    2013 – Silver, 400m freestyle relay
    2012 – Gold, 400m freestyle relay (scm); Bronze, 50m freestyle (scm)
    2001 – Gold, 50m freestyle; Gold 100m freestyle
  • Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool
    2013 – Silver, 50m freestyle; Gold 400m freestyle relay; Bronze, 100m freestyle

Race Clips