Critical Illness Insurance Pays
You for Living

It is possible to outlive an illness. The following stories demonstrate how critical illness insurance can help you and your family in just a handful of situations.

Put yourself in these circumstances and consider whether you'd be able to do without critical illness insurance.

Linda's Story

After four months of experimental treatment in a leading breast cancer specialist's program, Linda's prognosis is excellent. She's had high health care bills because her medical insurance didn't cover experimental treatment. And she's looking forward to running her consulting company at full speed again. But Linda's taking it easy for a few more months, just to be sure. She can afford the medical care and to take time away from her business. Linda had critical illness insurance.

Glenn and Jana's Story

For Glenn and Jana, everything's going according to plan. They both have rewarding lucrative careers. They both have lots of interests. They're both paying off student loans. They both contribute to investment and savings goals. They both want a house of their own, and a family, someday. And they both want to make sure the future they have planned is protected from the financial threat critical illness poses. Both Glenn and Jana have critical illness insurance.

Jack's Story

Jack was only 39 when he had a heart attack. He needed round-the-clock care for weeks after his surgery, which brought on many expenses none of his insurance would cover. But Karen didn't have to worry about where they would get the money to pay for these things. She was able to handle the unexpected expenses, continue making regular payments toward their home mortgage in full and focus on how she could help Jack when he needed her. The only thing either of them had to worry about was his recovery. Jack had critical illness insurance.

Brad's Story

When Brad's father needed a liver transplant, he figured the fantastic vacation the two of them had planned to take would never happen. He just wanted his dad to get better. But Brad was in for a surprise. After his father recovered, the whole family went away on the two-week adventure of a lifetime. The trip was an opportunity for them to spend time together in a way they hadn't been able to for a long time. Brad's father had critical illness insurance.

These stories portray situations our customers have faced or could face. They do not represent actual people.