Determine Your Need for Critical Illness Insurance

Who needs critical illness insurance?

It's difficult to predict if and when you will suffer a critical illness, however, if you relate to one of the following descriptions, you may want to consider critical illness insurance:

  • Your high income precludes you from purchasing enough disability to meet your needs
  • Your high-risk profession prevents qualification for traditional disability coverage
  • You have a high medical deductible
  • You don't have health insurance
  • You're a parent
  • You're self-employed
  • You're a homemaker

How does Mutual of Omaha's critical illness insurance work?

You choose the amount of coverage that fits your budget. Upon diagnosis* with a covered illness or condition, you receive a check for the amount of coverage you purchased.

Additional features:

  • Your plan is guaranteed renewable as long as your premiums are paid on time
  • Return of premium option. The return of premium benefit is perfect for people who want critical illness insurance, but don’t want to feel like they've lost their money if they never use it.

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What do I use the lump-sum benefit for?

You can make payments on your mortgage and medical bills, hire help for around the house, pay for day care or elder care, travel to treatments. You decide.

Do you need critical illness insurance if you have other types of insurance?

Medical treatment is more advanced than ever, but it’s also more expensive. People today can experience financial hardship because of the expense their insurance does not cover. See what critical illness insurance helps pay....

* As defined by the policy/certificate