Income Access

A single premium immediate annuity that offers optional features that can help provide additional income offers:

  • A guaranteed lifetime income
  • Access to your money when you need it*
  • 10% or 20% payment increase based on your health condition
  • Optional benefits that can help meet your individual needs (for more information, see below)

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Who needs this?

Income Access may be right for you if you are:

At retirement

  • Currently utilizing income from your retirement investments
  • Need to replace income from your regular paycheck
  • Require funding for your current living expenses

Nearing retirement

  • Want to fund an early retirement
  • Require a supplement income

Optional Benefits**

  • Guaranteed minimum death benefit – the policy pays the greater of premiums not already paid or 10 percent of the initial premium
  • Nursing home rider – increases payments by 50 percent if policyowner is confined to a nursing home
  • Survivor continuation option – payments are tied to the policyowner and selected survivor
  • Inflation protection/Cost of living adjustment option – payments are increased by 3 percent a year to keep pace with inflation

* Withdrawals made before age 59 1/2 may be subject to federal income tax penalties
** All optional benefits are subject to state availability